01: Hello, Flutter!

Course intro and walk-through on creating a Flutter app in its simplest form.

Note that the Google doc you see in the video is no longer available. Please refer to to access the course source code.

Course Overview

Developed and filmed by Nick Manning.

What We'll Cover in this Video Series

  • Critical Flutter concepts and features
  • Dart by example
  • How to develop a basic but realistic Flutter app

My Background

  • Software engineer since 2003. LinkedIn profile here.
  • Writing Flutter apps and teaching others Flutter since 2018.

Why This Course Is Unique

  • Lean: only critical Flutter features, nothing superfluous
  • Realistic: code organization, architecture and recommended 3rd party libraries
  • End-to-End: state management, working with JSON, API integration, etc


  1. Creating our first screen with Scaffold

  2. Layout Basics, Column, Text, Image and StatelessWidget

  3. Lists using ListView, leveraging Models and Navigation

  4. StatefulWidget fundamentals

  5. Form basics with TextFormField, Checkbox and RasiedButton

  6. Fetching data with web services using json_serializeable

  7. Managing state and reactive widgets with scoped_model

We'll create a concept app called "Tourism & Co.". The app will present beautiful travel destinations where folks can read up on the details and booka trip.

Finalized Course Code

The source code for the resulting example app we created in this course.

How to Contact Me

What You Need to Follow Along

  1. A Mac, Windows or Linux machine.
  2. The latest version of Flutter installed
  3. Either the iOS Simulator or an Android Emulator installed

If you need help, check out this walkthrough here for Mac and here for Windows or the Flutter documentation.

Experience Level Required

  1. Basic experience with one existing programming language.
  2. A few months of experience coding at least one website, webapp or mobile app project.