The Flutter Crash Course

A list of Flutter videos for folks with basic programming knowledge.

The Google doc used in the videos is here.

Source code can be accessed here.

Skill level: Junior Engineer
Required skills: Some programming language competency.
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01: Hello, Flutter!

Course intro and walk-through on creating a Flutter app in its simplest form.

02: "Identify these Widgets" Quiz

Which of these are all valid Flutter Widgets?

03: The Fundamentals of Layout in Flutter

Container, Column and Row.

04: Creating Your Own StatelessWidget

Code organization, functions and creating your own StatelessWidgets.

05: Organizing Data with Models

Using models and mock data to populate your screen.

06: Working with Images

Adding a image via URL. Working with Container constraints.

07: Managing Style and Adding Fonts

Wrapping up our recipe! Consolidating style and using custom fonts.

08: Working with Lists

Our new recipe kicks off with basic lists in Flutter using ListView and ListTile.

09: Navigation and Handling Tap Events

Handling tap events in Flutter with callbacks. Using Navigator and MaterialPageRoute to navigate to a new screen.

10: Super Simple Unit Tests

Testing our models by writing unit tests.

11: Sanity Checks with Integration Tests

Testing to make sure our app loads by writing integration tests.

12: Working with JSON

Getting ready for integrating with web services by covering JSON decoding and the json_serialization package.

13: Consuming Web Services

Learn about Futures, async/await, testing and integrating web services.

14: Stateful Widgets

Learn the fundamentals of state. We implement StatefulWidgets and integrate our screens with web services.

15: Progress Bars

We explore how to gracefully handle slow connections by showing a progress bar above our listof locations.

16: Pull to Refresh

We implement a RefreshIndicator, allowing our users to pull and refresh.

17: Custom ListViews

We tie everything together we've learned thus far using our knowledge of layout, containers, images and text by making our location listing gorgeous!

18: Beautiful Detail Screens

We continue to beautify our app by creating our own stateless widget and refine our location detail screen.

19: Custom AppBars

We finalize our app design by learning how to extend widgets, creating a custom navigation bar.