Software Engineering Courses

Newbie friendly and free courses by Nick Manning.

Completely New to Software Engineering?

Start with this basic course in web development.

Your First Website

For absolute newcomers to software engineering, start with this course.
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Beginner Rust

Rust Crash Course

A simple, condensed course to familiarize yourself with the Rust programming language.
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Learn from a Professional Software Engineer

All content is taught by @seenickcode. Read up on my LinkedIn bio.

Why Learn with @seenickcode vs "x"?

Learn critical skills.
Super approachable coding tutorials for newcomers and experienced folks alike. Acquire professionally curated, real-world skills.
Curated project ideas.
Don't just mindlessly crank through courses. Pick carefully thought through project ideas and learn by building. (Coming Q4 '23)
Collaborate with others, request code reviews and get community mentorship - the only way to truly solidify what you learn. (Coming Q4 '23)

Free Flutter Courses

The Flutter Crash Course

Build your first, simple Flutter app and learn concepts as you go.
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Flutter for Super Junior Devs

A course module strictly for junior developers that are familiar with an existing programming language.
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Full Stack (Advanced) Flutter: Building the Steady Calendar App

Step by step development of Steady Calendar, a real app.
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Flutter Pro Essentials

Learn essential Flutter features for creating professional apps.
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