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Your First Website

To learn programming, start off with the most basic skill: HTML and CSS. Build an actual website with simple HTML and CSS and publish it to a custom domain name.

Skill level: Total Beginner
Required skills: None.
Last updated: 9/27/2023


We start very gently by signing up for Github and getting oriented with Visual Studio Code.
Watchtime: 13 mins
We learn how to install Visual Studio Code extensions, create our first HTML file and preview our webpage.
Watchtime: 16 mins

03: Publishing our website with Github Pages
sign up required

We use Github Pages to publish our site online with a few clicks.
Watchtime: 6 mins

04: Tags in HTML
sign up required

Learn your first syntax concept: HTML tags.
Watchtime: 11 mins

05: Building and configuring your website with HTML
sign up required

We learn more about styling our website with HTML.
Watchtime: 19 mins

06: Improved Styling with CSS
sign up required

We learn about styling with CSS.
Watchtime: 7 mins