Flutter for Super Junior Devs

A course module strictly for junior developers, specifically, developers that are familiar with some programming language but with less than a year of experience. The goal is to ensure that developers come away from this course module with a solid grasp of Flutter and Dart and can continue studying other online tutorials or videos on this site with relative ease.

Skill level: Junior Engineer
Required skills: Some programming language competancy.
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01: Installing Flutter on Windows

How to set up Flutter and Visual Studio Code on Windows, step by step.

02: Installing Flutter on MacOS

How to set up Flutter and Visual Studio Code on macOS, step by step.

03: Reading Flutter Code Easily: Syntax Basics.

We review Dart basics by covering Functions, Classes and Class Properties.

04: Creating Our First Flutter App

Creating a new Flutter app, organizing Flutter code, creating our first StatelessWidget, using MaterialApp, Scaffold and Text widgets.