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APIs for Mobile Devs (Rust edition)

We'll dive into very, very simple Rust concepts - just enough to craft and ship a basic API. This is a particularly useful skill for situations where you're writing a mobile app that needs some kind of data served up by a web service.

Skill level: Junior Engineer
Required skills: Basic proficiency of any existing programming language.
Last updated: 7/16/2023


01: Setting up your Rust environment
(releases on 10/31/2023)

We'll set up our Rust environment so we can start coding and learning key concepts as we go.
Watchtime: 5 mins

02: The Cargo package manager
(releases on 10/31/2023)

Learn how to set up a new Rust project and install packages.
Watchtime: 4 mins

03: Basic Rust primitives
(releases on 10/31/2023)

A hands-on walkthrough of need-to-know primitives in Rust.
Watchtime: 15 mins