Create a Git course - WHY?

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Why would I create a Docker course? Why would i create any course really on any popular technology?

There are pleeenty of courses out there on this topic, if you haven't noticed.

First off, I'm a purpose driven engineer. I write because I want to help people and get them excited about the things that I am excited about. I'm 41 right now, and got into programming when I was 16. I still jump into my day excited about the opportunities I have and what I am able to work on, using my engineering skills.

Therefore, my purpose is to build a small community of engaged engineers who want to explore computer science, new languages, tools and who want to connect with others, not just crank through a list of lessons.

This to me is the most rewarding aspect of content creation. I enjoy engaging with all kinds of people and types of teams. My roles have varied drastically over the years: CTO, eng manager, co-founder. I've been a solo engineer going it alone fixing production issues caused by press release up to working in a Fortune 10 company. All this requires varying approaches to communication and adapting problem solving skills.

This experience has rubbed off on me and influences my content. I create courses for students that appreciate clear, easy to understand english and in my opinion, thoughtful, approachable content.

Even more importantly, the real world challenges I've had, be it production issues, design challenges, ramping up on new tech, influence what I incorporate into my material.

So the "real world" aspect of my course content is also something I'm proud of. I enjoy providing examples of common problems engineers will face, common practice projects they may want to consider tackling and then forming curriculum around that. I've seen what engineers typically have trouble with, especially when ramping up, on all types of teams.

Contrast this with the oversaturation of courses available today. They seem to mostly cover a laundry list of skills, most of which will likely be forgotten or never used.

In summary, content in easy to follow English with thoughtful, real world examples and skills are reasons why I feel that adding yet another course for Docker (or any other common topic) is totally called for. Join our small group of students, provide your feedback, show your work and get more out of your precious time.

I look forward to connecting with you! Feel free to say hello at